How Chakras Affect Our Prosperity

Chakras & Prosperity

You Hold the Key

Looking at our human system, we see a being far beyond this physical form, with a luminous energy body or aura, and various other bodies around including emotional, mental and causal bodies, each of which have significant functions.

The energy body in this case not only acts as a mold or pattern for the physical body but also controls and energizes the vital internal organs. Chakras are whirling energy centers in the energy body that play vital roles in our health and well-being. Chakras basically work on different levels; they have physical, psychological and spiritual functions.

This means that the condition of our chakras decide our health condition, as well as our character, weaknesses and strengths. Following the same pattern, certain chakras affect our financial situation and prosperity level.

The difference between a person who is lazy, sluggish and is incapable of earning much with a successful businessman is in fact evident in their chakra pattern.

Thus to attract lots of prosperity and abundance, make more money, to be able to have a stable financial life and to be successful in business, besides the intelligent hard physical work, we need to take care of our chakras.

One of the chakras that highly affect our financial situation and our ability to attract prosperity is Basic chakra, also known as “Muladhara” in Sanskrit or simply the “Root chakra.”

Psychologically, this chakra is the center for instinct of self-survival. While a strong healthy Basic chakra leads to dynamism, industriousness, ability to attract money and feeling lively, a weak Basic chakra causes laziness, procrastination, depression, suicidal tendencies and inability to attract money, find or keep a job.

Therefore one of the key elements to achieve success in business or have lots of prosperity in life is to have a healthy Basic chakra.

“When you become careless with money, it means that the Basic Chakra is not as strong and healthy as it should be.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

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Strong Navel chakra, as the center for lower sensitivity and Solar Plexus chakra, as the center for lower emotions such as courage also contribute to success and prosperity in business and career.

In fact the condition of our lower chakras are highly important in determining our achievements and the ability to manifest our dreams and plans.

“The lower chakras are the anchors in your life. Your output in life is only as good as your chakras. The condition of your chakras affects your prosperity. Get Pranic Healing.” 

Master Choa Kok Sui

Some of the higher chakras, such as Ajna chakra, the will center, are also needed to make a successful businessman as it highly affects our ability to direct people and to make plans. In fact to have holistic wealth, all the chakras should be healthy and work harmoniously.

There are in fact many methods of keeping chakras healthy and normal. One of the most effective technologies to clean, strengthen and balance the chakras in this case is Pranic Healing, widely known as the science and art of energy healing. Its methods not only help you maintain a healthy and successful life, but also can be used to help our fellow men.

Whatever technique you are using, and whatever system you are following, for a successful business and career you need to have strong healthy chakras.

There is a saying that most limitations come from within, not from without. Remember “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” Les Brown


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    Thanks for this article. Recently, I have been interested in strengthening my chakras through yoga practise. The postures of yoga help to strengthen this as well.

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    Way cool! Some extremely valid points!

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