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Hypertension is known as a disease in which the patient experiences high level of blood pressure, which in the long run causes many complications in the body.

Blood pressure is in fact the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. When the pressure in the arteries get higher than it should be the person experiences discomfort. Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to several health problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and headache.

Definition of Hypertension

There is no obvious level of blood pressure that defines hypertension. In general, it rises steadily for the first two decades of life then becomes relatively steady. Also blood pressure differs according to whether the person is sleeping or resting or doing some strenuous activity.

Thus from a medical point of view any level of arterial blood pressure that poses risk to ill health and requires therapy is taken as hypertension. Recent WHO guideline is:

Significance Systolic B.P. (MM Hg) Diastolic B.P. (MM Hg)
Optimal Less than 120 Less than 80
Normal Less than 130 Less than 85
High Normal 130 to 140 85 to 90
Hypertension More than 140 More than 90

Hypertension from Energetic point of view

In complementary therapies, including Pranic Healing, it is observed that Meng Mein chakra directly controls the blood pressure. When the activation size of Meng Mein chakra gets higher than the normal size the person experiences high level of blood pressure. For patients with hypertension without medication the activation is more than normal, and for patients with hypotension the activation is less than normal.

In many cases, the cause of hypertension is psychological in origin. Negative thoughts and emotions such as stress, anger and irritation makes the Solar Plexus chakras congested and dirty, which in the long run causes the Meng Mein chakra to malfunction.

Therefore for many people having hypertension, maintaining a positive and calm state of mind and emotions is a necessity.

Types of Hypertension

Basically hypertension is divided into two types:

1- Primary Hypertension
2- Secondary Hypertension

Primary or Essential Hypertension:

This accounts for around 95% of the hypertensive individuals whose cause is medically unknown. Hence there is treatment but no cure.

Secondary Hypertension:

This type of hypertension the cause is known like a renal disease or tumor, neurogenic diseases or some medications etc. Some rare varieties of genetically transmitted hypertension is also known.

Basic Pathogenesis of Essential Hypertension

Back to school physics:

Like any fluid flowing through a pipe the pressure exerted on the vasculature by blood is directly proportional to the volume of blood in circulation and to the resistance offered by the vasculature.

Thus blood pressure increases due to

1- Increase in volume of blood pumped by heart or Cardiac Output
2- Increase is peripheral vascular resistance

Dietary salt intake is a contributing factor for hypertension: Pressure- Natriuresis Phenomenon

The kidneys have the function to filter the blood flowing through them. It purifies blood, maintains required levels of minerals like sodium, potassium and determines the volume of urine produced. Thus it regulates the volume of blood.

When dietary intake of sodium chloride is increased beyond a normal range, urinary excretion of sodium has to also increase. What happens if the capacity of the kidney to excrete sodium is not adequate or is decreased?

Then greater arterial blood pressure is required to increase sodium excretion and sodium balance is maintained at the expense of high blood pressure.

The average daily salt intake is too high between 9g to 12g for most people. Whereas the recommended intake is only 5g. Not only common salt, foods with high sodium content like processed meat, bread, soya sauce, popcorn, cheese puffs contribute to this. On the other hand, potassium rich food like nuts, beans, peas, spinach, cabbage, banana, papaya and any unprocessed fresh food help in reducing blood pressure.

The choice of type of salt also contributes to hypertension.

Table salt has high sodium chloride content with almost no potassium or trace minerals. On the other hand rock salt has higher amounts of potassium and other trace minerals with relatively sodium chloride.
Thus eating rock salt which contributes to taste at the same time limits sodium chloride intake is a healthier option.

What are the factors that affect the sodium excreting capacity of the kidneys?

On the top of the kidney is a small triangular shaped gland called the adrenal gland whose outer part secretes one very important group of hormones called mineralocorticoids whose function to retain salt in the body.  Aldosterone is a potent mineralocorticoid that increases the sodium retention by the kidneys. Consequently sodium excreting capacity is lowered.

Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Pathway:

Hypertension Chart

This is a mechanism or pathway that the kidney uses to regulate the blood pressure. When fluid or sodium is low due to less intake (prolonged fasting) or more loss (like trauma, etc) this mechanism becomes life saving in increasing and maintaining the required blood pressure. Unfortunately, hyperactivity of this pathway is what is responsible for most of the primary hypertension. This fact is supported by the evidence that most of the anti-hypertensive drugs that are used to lower blood pressure in primary hypertension decrease the effective activity of this pathway.


We can conclude the following factors causing primary hypertension:

1- Increase secretion of mineralocorticoids by adrenal glands
2- Increase activity of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone pathway
3- Prolonged intake of excessive amounts of salt

Now the question is why the adrenal glands secrete excess mineralocorticoids?
Why the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone pathway becomes hyperactive?

The Meng Mein Chakra

Every major chakra of human body is connected to an endocrine gland. The chakra functions as the pumping station to supply energy to the endocrine gland and related organs, thereby energising and regulating them. The Meng Mein chakra controls the adrenal glands and the kidneys.

What happens when the Meng Mein chakra gets overactivated?

The adrenal glands will also be over stimulated, which can lead to secretion of more amounts of mineralocorticoids. The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone pathway can also become hyperactive.

If you scan the Meng Mein chakra of patients with essential hypertension not in control, you will find them bigger than normal. When the person takes a medication after some time the blood pressure gets lowered. If you apply Pranic Scanning you will notice that though the use of medicine, the Meng Mein chakra has also become smaller. If you do Pranic Healing on a patient with uncontrolled hypertension then you will have to make the Meng Mein chakra smaller, back to the stable normal size. After some time, if you check the blood pressure you will find it back to normal.

In one occasion, a patient a Pranic Healer for relationship healing. Upon Pranic Scanning, the healer found out that the Meng Mein, Solar Plexus and Back Head chakra were overactivated. She was asked to check her blood pressure. Two days later she reported high blood pressure and headache.

This is how it works! What happens physically affects the energy body, what happens energetically affects the physical body!

Stress: A lifestyle disorder

World Health Organization states excessive stress as one of the major contributing factor for essential hypertension and recommends lifestyle modifications for its management.

How does stress contribute to hypertension?

Stress is a form of energy, it is people’s negative reaction to taxing situations. Most of the stress energies are located in the Solar Plexus chakras. Accumulated stress over the years make the solar plexus chakra overactivated and malfunctioning. As this energy moves down through the back energy channels to the Meng Mein chakra, they cause the Meng Mein to malfunction. When this happens for many days, the Meng Mein chakra becomes dirty and overactivated. Malfunctioning of Meng Mein chakra leads to hypertension.

Some of the stress energies can also go up to the head area, causing the Back Head chakra and other chakras in that area to malfunction. This causes headache.

Hypertension Chakras

Holistic Treatment for Essential Hypertension

It is important to take proper anti-hypertensive medications to control the blood pressure and prevent its damaging effects to other parts of the body.

Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy will help reduce stress and keep the Meng Meng chakra in normal state.

It is recommended that the person learns and does deep rhythmic abdominal breathing or Pranic breathing to regulate emotions.

It is important to undergo a course in character building and stress management to avoid generating lower emotions or excessive stress.

By using the holistic approach, cure of essential hypertension is possible.

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