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Healing Directory Series | Chapter 2

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin (Type 1 DM) or more commonly body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces (Type 2 DM).

About 347 million people worldwide have diabetes in which 90% is the Type 2 DM. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputation and kidney failure. It is attributed to improper diet, insufficient physical exercise and obesity. However, it is preventable!

Diabetes is usually defined by the glucose level in blood, indicated in the following table.

Stage Fasting Blood Glucose (mg/dl) Blood glucose after 2h, 75gm glucose intake
Normal Less than 110
Impaired Fasting Glucose 110 to 125 Less than 140
Impaired Glucose Tolerance Less than 126 140 to 200
Diabetes More than 126 More than 200

How body gets energy? Energy-Food-Energy Cycle

In Pranic Healing, we learnt about three major sources of prana.

1- Sun Prana – Energy coming from sun

2- Air Prana – Energy in the air

3- Ground Prana – Energy in the ground

Among these three, the fundamental source is the sun prana. From Sun, energy is absorbed in the air and ground.

The creation of food is the process of concretizing the sun energy into its chemical constituents. The plants perform this process. When an animal eats the plant parts like leaves, fruits or vegetables this concretized energy is taken in and utilized to maintain its own bodily functions. So even for animal food the main source of energy is the Sun.

When any animal or human “eats”, he breaks down the chemical constituents of the food into simpler elements until it can be absorb and utilize the energy contained within. This process is called digestion. For humans, the simple element which can be readily utilized by various cells of the body is ‘glucose’ – a simple sugar. Thus after digestion, glucose flows through the blood and reaches various organs and tissues. Cells absorb the glucose from blood and utilises it to get energy.

Diabetes 01

Diabetes 02

This is the Energy (from Sun) – Food (from plants) – Energy (from glucose) Cycle.

Role of Pancreas & Insulin: Why Diabetes?

All our cells are protected by a sheath or membrane called the cell membrane. Through this membrane any cell can control the exchange of elements with blood, thereby maintaining its internal environment.

Whatever the cell needs it can absorb from the blood via specific channels or receptors and whatever it does not need it throws away into the blood to be taken to the kidneys for excretion. When cells need energy, it can absorb glucose from blood via a specific receptor mediated chain of reactions. Insulin, a hormone reacts with the specific receptors in the cell membrane and triggers a chain of reaction to absorb glucose inside cells. This process also facilitates efficient utilisation of energy from glucose inside the cells.

To simplify, Insulin is what enables the cells to utilize glucose.

This insulin is secreted by the beta cells inside the pancreas. Thus pancreas plays a crucial role in helping the entire body absorb energy. The pancreas is controlled by the solar plexus chakra.

What happens if the beta cells inside pancreas are destroyed?

There will not be enough insulin. So there will be glucose in blood but no cells can utilize it. This is called insulin deficiency.

What happens when the insulin receptor in the cell or the pathway is blocked?

In this case, there is enough glucose and also insulin, but the insulin cannot bind with the cells to initiate the pathway of glucose absorption. So body cannot utilize glucose to gain energy. This is called insulin resistance.

As a matter of fact blood glucose level will rise but body will not be able to utilize it. Lack of energy will trigger excessive hunger and thirst which will eventually increase urination. This is what happens in diabetes.

Now the question is why this happens? Why it is more common after age of 30? and why it is more common to people with obesity and physical inactivity?

Physically, the exact mechanism of body is not entirely known. What is known is that there is auto immune reaction towards the beta cells or insulin receptors. In this case, body’s own immunity produces cells to destroy the beta cells or the insulin receptors.

What happens in the energy world eventually manifests in the physical world!

The pancreas is controlled and energised by the solar plexus chakra. In diabetes the following energy condition is seen.

1- Insulin deficiency: Front solar plexus chakra is depleted but back solar plexus chakra is congested. Spleen chakras are congested.

2- Insulin Resistance: Both solar plexus chakras are congested, pancreas is filled with diseased energy. Liver and kidneys are affected.

Solar plexus chakra is the centre of lower emotions. Lower emotions are both positive like courage, strength, justice, assertiveness, fairness and negative like anger, hatred, jealousy, stress, anxiety, destructiveness, aggressiveness, abrasiveness.


Upon prolonged harbouring of negative emotions, the solar plexus chakra is adversely affected. This results in solar plexus chakra especially back solar to be congested. Sometimes, this leads to frequent negative emotional outburst, causing the whole body to be depleted. This adversely affects the pancreas, liver and the immunity system.

In the long run, the whole body becomes etherically dirty. Solar plexus, liver are filled with dirty red energy. The basic chakra, heart, ajna chakras are adversely affected. Spleen chakra is dirty and congested. Because of proximity of the kidneys to the congested back solar, the kidneys are also usually affected. This attributes to the fact that diabetes and hypertension are frequently co-existent on the same person. The leading cause of chronic kidney failure is also diabetes.

Diabetes Chakras

Role of physical exercise:

Physical inactivity is strongly associated as a contributing factor to diabetes.

What happens when a person exercises?

The physical body eliminates, toxins through sweating. The energy body pulsates and dirty used up energy is eliminated from the body. Chakras and meridians are cleansed. Thus regular exercise has great benefits in preventing disease like diabetes.

If people do physical exercise regularly, they will able to enjoy healthier and happier and more productive life. Also health expenses will decrease. Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes is recommended.

No wonder physical inactivity is associated with diabetes.

Role of proper diet:

If food is easily digestible and has a lot of fresh energy then the body will greatly benefit from it. Some food like red meat and pork are energetically quite dirty and also difficult to digest. For better health, such food can be substituted by fresh fruits and vegetables. In general fresh food has more energy than preserved food.

Role of proper emotions:

If you look at the root cause of the major diseases like diabetes, it is prolonged harboring of negative emotions. In such cases the solar plexus chakra is either very congested or depleted.

Sometimes the front solar plexus seems normal but back solar plexus chakra is congested. Such people usually tend to suppress their negative emotions.

For prevention and cure of diabetes the person must make a conscious and persistent effort at regulating and improving his emotions. This is very important.

In this case, Pranic psychotherapy greatly facilitates the process.

Forgiveness is also very helpful. For a person practicing forgiveness, the healing is much faster and easier.

Role of proper lifestyle:

Diabetes is termed as a lifestyle disease and frequently associated with people with more than 30 years of age. In modern work environment there is too much stress, work pressure, irritation, anger, excessive aggression, harassment. Stress is psychically very infectious. Consciously or unconsciously people dump a great bulk of their stress energy to others. This kind of act is actually quite uncivilized but it happens. Living and working in such a work environment adversely affects the solar plexus chakra and health.

Meditation greatly helps in coping with such stressful situation. But there is a certain limitation to what meditation can do for a specific person. In some cases it might be better to switch to a healthier work environment.

When people are constantly dumped by other people, bullied or harassed, they feel lack of security or protection. Inability to handle the external stressor, body creates a layer of fat around vital organs to protect itself. This causes obesity.

In such cases the solar plexus chakra gets congested with negative emotions. The heart and Meng Mein chakras are also congested. The spleen chakra malfunctions, which enables it to absorb air prana properly.

That is why obesity and diabetes are frequently associated together.

Holistic healing for Diabetes Mellitus

Using holistic approach it is possible to prevent and cure diabetes.

The following are needed.

  1. Proper diet and physical exercise
  2. Proper emotions and lifestyle and psychic self defence
  3. Meditation and healing to reduce stress
  4. Proper diagnosis and medical management to control glucose level in the blood
  5. Pranic Psychotherapy to control negative emotions
  6. Conscious and persistent effort to control and reduce lower emotions

Pranic Healing to heal the affected organs and the metabolic system of the body

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