The Garden of Life – Reflections on Nature


To Reflect More…

Man is born with two eyes to see, two ears to hear,
but only one mouth to speak.
A reminder to listen more and to speak less,
to reflect more and to react less.


May every living being,
Our minds as one and radiant with light,
Share the fruits of peace,
May our minds awake,
To great compassion, wisdom, and joy.
May this boundless light,
Break the darkness of their endless night.
May all become compassionate and wise.

The Garden of Life WATER

Drops of Wisdom

Lessons from Water


Water flows from high to low.
The ocean is vast due to its low position.

Like a stalk of grain that bows when it is full,
the greatest of men is he who is greatest in humility.


In the tropics, water is abundant.
In the dessert, water is precious and rare.

Appreciate and value your blessings.


When wet, a dog simply shakes it off.
No big deal.

Positivity is a choice, shake off negativity.


Water molds itself to the container,
without losing its nature.

The wise adapt to circumstances,
without losing their character.


Words like water are easy to pour,
but difficult to recover.

Words are free to use.
It is how we use them that may cost us.

The Garden -of Life PLANTS

Seeds of Thought

Lessons from Plants


Plants survive with the help of the sun, bees, fungi, gardeners, among others.

No man is an island, we are all connected.
Talents and gifts must be shared.


In every seed is the promise of a thousand forests. Thoughts are like seeds.

In the garden of your mind, be careful what you water.


From the muddy pond, the lotus flower blooms.
Under pressure, the lump of coal becomes a diamond.

Trials in life strengthen us.


When the universe brings us lemons, make lemonade.

Turn challenges into opportunities.


The body like flowers buds, blossoms, and wilts.

Look not just for outer beauty,
for as the body ages, beauty is lost.

Seek also inner beauty,
for as the soul ages, it blooms.


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