Your donations can go a long way…

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Your Donations Can Go A Long Way!

Prana World is actively spreading Pranic Healing and trying to materialize Master’s vision of one Pranic Healer in every family. From our initial center in Kuala Lumpur, we have now reached out to Vietnam, Cambodia and even Laos.

We believe in peace and in love. We believe in getting together for a greater purpose, for a greater goal… We believe in bringing Heaven on Earth, and believe in our collective strengths to make it possible…

There have been several Basic Pranic Healing workshops held. Each trip sees instructor-volunteers from Prana World traveling monthly for conducting healing camps, training and nurturing programs. So far there are already 35 Pranic Healing families in Vietnam, 60 in Cambodia and 5 in Laos. The expenses of these frequent trips are borne by us and now we are asking for your regular support.

Every trip incurs a monthly expense, which includes hiring a venue and translator, organising the activities, marketing, promotions, flights, accommodation and food. A small donation of even $150 every month helps us introduce Pranic Healing to one new person. Our objective is to set up a center in each city for the regular and systematic conduction of Twin Hearts Meditation and Healing camps.

We are humbly requesting your help to directly contribute to the manifesting of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Great Vision.

For any donation you make to us via PayPal, please mention Love Cards. We sincerely appreciate your generosity. Thank you deeply. With gratitude. With respect. With love.

We have come a long way.

It was Christmas Eve 2011 when Prana World was born. It was a small little blog back then with short articles, simple artworks and animation videos.

Little by little, step by step, it then started to bloom. With your love and with your support…

It has been your love and support that has brought us to where we are today. It has made Prana World a great success…

Today we would like to say Thank You, for supporting us, for supporting Prana World and for your love. We would have never been able to do this without you!

Atma Namaste!

Your donations can go a long way…

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