Bid Depression, Adieu with A Smile

The psychological definition of Depression is:

“.. a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being..”

Stresses, lack of adjustment or inability to cope up with a situation, are the psychological reasons of Depression. Whereas, if we look at the disorder with an insight, the root cause of depression will be,

‘Disassociation of oneself with one’s true self.’

Most of the problems in our lives arise not because of the reasons and situations that life offers us, but the reasons and situations we choose to succumb by, our approach of handling and managing ourselves.

Our true nature is infinite bliss and peace, Sat Chit Ananda, a state whereby one leads a life by identifying oneself as a child of God, as the divine spark of Lord. This state doesn’t demand one to lead a life sacrificing the pleasures of world. It just means, to live a conscious life. A life where one is conscious of one’s thoughts, where one can regulate one’s actions, direct oneself in the right direction when derailed from the path of bliss (ananda). The words, happiness, pleasure, and bliss might seem to be similar but, they vary hugely in its gist. We are blessed with an immensely beautiful gift of life; hence our approach to deal with it too, should be beautiful and huge. Our aim should not be limited to that of seeking worldly pleasure but, attaining the bliss. Pleasure is something temporary, superficial, whereas, bliss is a state of mind, happiness and being. Now that we know what our destination is, let us figure out measures of mending the derailed ways.

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  • Respect Yourself, Value time

    Life is too short to regret and lament. When one understands this, one naturally starts valuing the time. As we have no hold of either past, or future. All we are blessed with is present; all we can do with that is beautify it by living every moment to the fullest. In every moment being aware of our true nature, which is of ananda.

    When we begin looking at life with such approach we start respecting ourselves. We respect the fact that, we don’t need to live by depending on others to make us happy.

  • Grooming

    Be it re-gaining one’s self- confidence or boosting one’s self-esteem, grooming plays a very essential role. On the superficial level it’s a great ‘feel good’ factor. It’s the first step of loving yourself, first step of accepting yourself the way you are.  Spend time to look dapper.

  • Pleasure of Leisure

    One of the chief causes of Depression is, when an individual lets some event or some person to dominate one’s mind. When we learn the fact that nothing is too important to let yourself carry away with it, we can slowly get ourselves out of the self dug pothole.

    Our mind can be both, a great friend or a worst foe, depending on our abilities to manage it. Spending quality time in park, with friends, learning new things, can be a great aid to divert one’s attention from pre-occupied, unproductive thoughts.

  • The power of silence, and solace.

    We all need to take a healthy break from the noise outside and within.
    Recreational activities like chanting mantras, yoga, meditation acts as fuel for soul.
    From 24 hours take at least 30 minutes to experience the calmness and stillness of silence.

  • Hope

    Lastly, don’t lose hope. Have trust in the divine plan, and faith in yourself. Nothing is too big to make you lose hope. You always have a reason to dream. Dream big.

“If you are not exposed to the vicissitudes of Life, it is not good.
It is like being exposed to germs.
You have no immunity.
You have no inner strength.”

Master Choa Kok Sui


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