Benefits of Meditation


“The purpose of Meditation is do develop your Higher Faculties. Without this development, understanding deeper Spiritual Truths is not possible.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Meditation comes from the Latin word mediatio, (verb: meditari) meaning “to think, contemplate, ponder” and refers to a practice to self-regulate the body and mind, thereby affecting the mental events and attaining a subjective experience. This experience is often described as calming, blissful, silent and of heightened awareness, which are also considered as some of the benefits of meditation.

In theosophy, meditation is described as the act of “stirring the consciousness into activity with reference to that object alone; looking at the object in every possible light, and trying to penetrate its meaning, to reach a new and deep thought or receive some intuitional light upon it.” Arthur E. Powell

Meditation in Hindu terminology is known as Dhyana, which refers to maintaining prolonged awareness towards a subject and it is highly recommended because of its numerous benefits. The benefits of meditation have been described as attaining peace and illumination and have been parts of Hindu scriptures and Buddhist teachings from long back.

The aim of meditation is therefore to train the attention and awareness in order to bring the mind and its activities under greater voluntary control and thereby attain specific capacities such as calmness, clarity and inner experiences.

The silence and stillness included as one of the benefits of meditation in this case is not the goal, but just a stepping-stone towards greater inner activities and experiences.

Benefits of meditation are vast and numerous from reaching a level of calmness and stillness, to opened horizons of intuition and psychic abilities. What benefit you achieve from it also depends on the nature of the meditations. There are many meditations currently available from just simple breathing techniques, to highly advanced Arhatic meditations such as Kundalini Yoga and Dhyan. Meditation on Twin Hearts in this case is one of the simple yet very powerful techniques that can bring about tremendous positive changes for the practitioner and his life.

Benefits of Meditation 1

Clarity of Mind and Inner Peace

Meditation helps to activate human energy centers, including the Heart and Crown chakras and thereby helps in bringing down lots of divine energy into the body. Divine energy has tremendous healing power and can flush out negative thoughts and emotions from the aura.

In fact one of the reasons for having a busy mind is the existence of a lot of thoughts and emotions that are floating inside the aura, clogging the mind from seeing the truth.

Meditation, by disintegrating such thoughts and emotions, helps the mind to gain clarity, sharpness and alertness. It further helps to cultivate inner peace and happiness.

When all these lower negative emotions, thoughts and disturbances are disintegrated by the help of the divine, the practitioner will reach a degree of calmness and stillness.

Benefits of Meditation 3

Good Karma

Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the rare meditations that not only works on the individuals to attain higher levels of consciousness, but also showers the world and every person, every being in the world with the energies of loving-kindness. While during meditation we transform despair into hope, doubt into faith and darkness into light, we will be filled internally with hope, faith and light in return. This in fact creates a healing and transforming effect on the practitioner, besides blessing the people in need with such positive energies.

“When you seek to console, you are filled with light, love and power.”

Master Choa Kok

It is therefore a great way of service to the earth by blessing every person, every being on earth; and the effect is generating lots of positive karma that in general appear as good luck in life.

Benefits of Meditation 4

Improved Intuition

Intuition is described as direct knowing without a need to study, analyze and gather information. It is often called inner guidance by some practitioners of the spiritual path. Intuition is one of the most significant benefits of meditation, as it opens up the mind to experience higher levels of consciousness.

The Crown chakra is the center for intuition. When the Crown chakra is activated, one’s intuition will increase. That is why the Crown chakra is also called the center for Christ Consciousness or Buddhic Consciousness.

Meditation, through activating the Crown chakra, therefore develops the intuition or inner guidance. This can benefit the practitioner tremendously, protecting him from various sorts of harm, danger and committing mistakes, besides guiding him to see and understand the world in a deeper and more accurate manner.

Benefits of Meditation 5

Activation of Kundalini

Kundalini is known as the serpent fire. It is described as the energy needed for the evolution of the body and the brain. Therefore it is considered a precious energy and necessary for spiritual development. Without the evolution of the body and the brain cells, registering higher spiritual experiences is almost impossible. Kundalini energy in fact upgrades the body and the brain to make them compatible with the higher vibrations experienced during the meditation.

Meditation, by bringing down tremendous amount of divine energy, can help activate the Kundalini energy. There are also specific meditations for this purpose including the Arhatic Yoga Kundalini meditation that directly works on awakening and activating this energy and bringing it up to the Crown. The effect of this meditation is not only upgrading the body and the brain, but also deeper cleaning and purification from negative thoughts, emotions and ancient seeds, deep rooted in the chakras.

Benefits of Meditation 2

More Soul Energy and Good Health

One of the benefits of meditation is giving the practitioner more control over the lower vehicles; mental, emotional and physical bodies. When the soul is in control of the lower vehicles, the person will become more centered and a greater instrument of the divine to manifest the divine plan on earth.

Meditation by brining down tremendous divine energy also helps in maintaining a good health. Divine energy not only helps to flush out the negative thoughts and emotions from the aura and the chakras, but also has a lot healing and regenerating powers.

When divine energy enters the system, it gets assimilated by body and can help to regenerate the organs. That is why it is highly recommended not to take shower at least a few hours after each meditation in order to give time to the body to assimilate the divine energies.

In this way one of the benefits of meditation, if practiced regularly, is improved physical and psychological health.


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