An Alive Life!


The Life We are Meant to Live

Another year passes by, another bunch of memories to cherish, another part of lamenting heart, another beautiful soulful moments to be thankful for! 31st Dec isn’t celebrated for no reason, it’s an emotional balance-sheet to tally, a mental check-list. Along with the very customary New Year Resolution, many other things should entail in our personality as a Welcome gesture for the ushering year.

We all live a life that wasn’t chosen by us, with the people we never were given an option to select, in the body we didn’t decide. Many of us believe we have made our lives however, in true sense when we sleep we aren’t even certain about the fact whether we are going to wake the next morning. Forget about dictating our lives, we can’t even command no of breathes we are going to take during one lifetime. In life such as that the only thing that we are blessed with is choosing the way we want to live our lives.

How do we choose to live the very precious and gifted boon called Life? Our entire lives passes by in vague struggle of survival, being alive is out of question, we aren’t even living completely. A huge beautiful part of our living is spent in ignorance, and vague struggles of survival. All of us, every day, look into the mirror but we never really look into ourselves.

What is that we are running after?

What is that stops us from being alive?

What is that makes us fear?

Why do we live a life of someone else?

Why don’t we let the Almighty manifest through us?

An Alive Life 1

We all are running after nothing. I don’t intend to imply that we should live an aimless life but if one digs in the reason behind his every struggle the net result would be nothing. Someone is struggling to own a luxurious dream car, what would you get finally after buying that car? You would say happiness, a sense of achievement, fulfillment. Well, every one of us is born with that feeling of not just happiness but perfect bliss, the feeling of not just achievement but, self-realization. The only thing that hinders us to witness that is the self-made layers of illusion and delusions about life.

The world we live in is not an enigmatic place; it’s rather a magical place. Here, nothing is incomplete. There is a perfect harmony in everything you see around. The only thing that is faulty is our own vision, our own perception that keeps finding faults. The world is Lord’s creation and so are we. How can Lord create anything faulty? Since the time we are born we find comfort in knowing things. In the world that’s completely alien when a child decodes anything, he likes that feeling as he thinks himself to be a master of that exploration. He thinks he mastered a thing; these things become his area of comfort. Hence, a zone is created that’s owned by human mind.

Our greatest fear is that of losing this zone, getting away from the things we have comforted and accommodated ourselves with. The greatest fear we all have is the fear of unknown. The fear of losing the things we think we possess. In reality we possess nothing, nor are we possessed by any. We are all an individual leading different lives. Though we presume we bring happiness or sadness to someone’s life or vice versa, practically we are just a medium, a part of the cycle of cause and effect.

An Alive Life 2

We are all living a life of someone else! Who is that someone else? A part of that someone is the already existing society, whereas a part is our own self-belief, our created fear of not being a part of the society. A constant comparison of our life with that of everyone else, a constant self-built pressure to be the part of the blind race, of being socially accepted. A life layered with such impulsions can’t be even near to God.

What really happens when we let God manifest through us? We don’t start wearing a crimson robe and live a life of monk. We most definitely don’t need to renounce the worldly pleasures and be away from loved ones. To be near to God we don’t need to be far from the world but, we need to let God be near us in spite of living in the world. The world is nothing but, Lord. When we live a life with this realization we are more productive as our happiness is not dependent on outer changes, but it’s born from us, through us. We don’t fear any loss as we aren’t burdened by possession of anything. We don’t live a life that world wants us to live, but the life we are meant to live. We live a life that’s alive.

So, this year don’t just make another resolution that you might break, but take an oath to live an alive life not only in the coming year but, every year that follows.

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  1. Omkar March 8, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful insights Monica. When we are born we are closest to the divinity which we soon in years time are taken away from and then end up seeking after a long detour. Maybe the coming generations would not have to follow a similar path. They could be nurtured in a way that they aren’t deprived of being alive so that they never have to spend their days occupied merely with survival. The more this generation becomes conscious and comes to this realization and learns to discern between life and illusion, the better it will be not only for us but for the ones to come. SO that each one could live a life they are meant to, every year.

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