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Discover the knowledge of Yoga, Its definition, the different types of Yoga and its benefits and effects.

Yoga is Union…

To Become One with All

“The quality of the development of the Soul is reflected in the “vehicle”… Integrity or wholeness is based on connectedness with the Higher Soul. The word “whole” means to be complete… Soul Energy makes the body whole.”

Master Choa Kok Sui


Yoga for many people nowadays is considered a way out of the everyday life; an escape to an unknown land of goodness where they can forget about problems and explore a more spiritual & meta-physical realm.

But what is yoga and what does it really do?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, meaning “to unite.” There are several types of yoga, which approach the process of union in different ways. It is to some extent important for a practitioner to be guided correctly into the type of yoga that best suites the evolution of his or her soul. However there is a type of yoga called Arhatic Yoga designed and introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui that captures the essence of different yoga practices into a safe and fast process, which can be practiced by almost all.

On this series of articles we have tried to explain Yoga and its several sides in an easy way which we hope can guide many souls.


All about Yoga Articles

Great articles on Yoga, Its Benefits and Its Effects on Our Lives.

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