Accepting, or Regretting


We can achieve what we want.

Regret for what is missing in our looks, regret for the flaws we have in our outlook and we have grown up with all such regrets. I should have been slim, I should have been taller or fairer. Flawless skin and perfect figure is what most people want, whether we work hard or not to achieve perfection we don’t care much but we want the best. We regret for not loving someone who loved us dearly. We regret for ignoring health when we were young. We regret for following the career decided by our parents. We regret for not giving importance to our hobbies. We regret ignoring our family for money. One day we regret, wasting life in useless activities. Again we REGRET!

The point is can we start accepting our pitfalls and tasks we ignored which are important for our growth. Why do we have to accept? What benefit I will get if I accept what is lacking in my nature? Will acceptance make me a better person? In reality, we are afraid that if we accept our flaws and mistakes we will develop inferiority complex, we will lose confidence and above all what people and society will think of me?

In reality, it’s the other way round, once we accept our flaws, we can work on them. Let’s take an example, supposing our management skills are really poor but when we sit with our friends, we generally boast –I manage my home, family and work very well. We manage all tasks well, then still there is chaos in the family? What are we afraid of whenever our boss calls us, why do we have to take sleeping pills every night?

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Awareness leads to enlightenment and awareness starts from acceptance. The moment I accept I am good in managing office but poor in managing family and household tasks or vice versa, I become aware of my weaknesses. Once I’m aware I will observe, I will talk, I will listen, I will read and will try to learn ways to manage home, office and family in the best way. Acceptance shifts to observance and then the world of learning opens up. Slowly, we try to make amendments in our way of working. We will face failure many times and success sometimes. During failure we have to accept that we need to work hard, we don’t have to regret. Persistence is important in the cycle of growth and change. From acceptance we shift to observance and then to persistence. With persistence the world of positivity and confidence opens up. Once we step onto the world of positivity, life takes an uplifting shift towards peace, serenity and love. The key is accept every new step in life with open arms. Accept the variety of people we come across and accept our strengths and weaknesses.

There are three major words as mentioned by Master Choa Kok Sui in one of his Lotus Sutras are always helpful in going ahead:

Be Kind, Be Tolerant, Be Detached

Let’s look again:

Regret – criticize – negative – downfall
Accept – Observe – Amend – Persist – Rise

Simple steps, initially tough to follow but by focusing on the goal, we can achieve what we want. Constant aim and effort lead us to the ONE Supreme Power.


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