A Mind-Ful(l) of Thoughts


to Look Up at the Sky!

Mind doesn’t have an overheating alarm; else it would certainly be telling you when to stop thinking. It must be a fumy carburetor if unbolted. We think again and again and cook over boiled, thought-a-toes.

Let’s look at those over-thinking times: A dimly-lit room, a corner chair, knuckling fingers, hand on the head tilted to the left; a movie is going on inside your brain theatre, you are the actor, director, producer; worst case scenario; sad end; actor’s life is finished, he is humiliated, devastated, on streets, bruised, teary eyed, shattered! Oh Boy! You are hungry. Trust me; a bite wouldn’t let your movie go with such an impoverished storyline.

Let’s go on to the times when life is anything but good. Chronic illness? I visited one of my long-lost friends who suffered from breast cancer. I was apprehensive how I should behave. I was welcomed by a feeble yet warm smile. Her eyes spoke of courage and aura was radiant. Her husband told me that initially both of them were devastated and kept on gazing in silence even with each other. But one night, he realized something that changed everything. He said to her, “We all lose something on our way of life. But I am blessed to have you with me. I don’t care about tomorrow ‘coz if I do, I will miss today and hundreds of moments with you. It’s just a phase to remind us our strength and I have it enough to make it up for you and me both.” I was teary-eyed when I heard that.

Situations will be bad, that’s what they are meant to be! Lessons are always tough. Life is designed this way only. Constantly thinking about what happened, how it happened and why it happened with me is not going to take us anywhere. We will be on the thought’s Ferris wheel forever. Don’t we all want to experience other rides too?

What will happen next? We are not supposed to know. Mystery is the beauty. Even if we go to a palmist, astrologer or any of such future tellers, they will tell us possibilities in our life. The final course of events will happen according to the way we choose. And can we choose wrong? Well, in most cases, with conscience, we will not. There will be different set of experiences but there won’t be any mistakes.

There is a powerful message I got from Taryn’s Angelic Guides: ‘’Many are afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decisions for fear of making a mistake. Yet, in all actuality, there are no mistakes; only different choices which lead to different paths to self realization. ‘’ Quite relieving to know, right? This message is one that will guide me all throughout my life. Hope it served some purpose for you too.

A-Mind Ful(l) of Though Quote

Many of the times, over-thinking mind speculate about what will others think about me? And this is the cause of depression all this while. Don’t give a damn when your heart knows who you are! Easy to say? No, happier when done!

Observe the problem. Then think, will it matter to you after two months, a year, five years? ‘Big picture’ is always a way to realize how smaller things are when seen from higher, larger perspective. Problems won’t get resolved by thinking about it over and over again. You will reach a place where problem is taller than the buildings of your city and is staring at you like a green monster. Hulk!

The solution usually comes when you are not grinding yourself with it. Assume that your friend has this trouble, how you would have helped him. This task needs detaching yourself from the problem and keeping the mind balanced.

Writing pros and cons of a situation on a paper helps too in case you want to decide between a hot guy and a cute guy. *winks*

Do I hear that the rough patch in your life is not getting over? Really? Were there days in your busy job when you craved for lying down in bed and do nothing or just have a peaceful coffee sitting in café till twilight? Are you doing it now or just fretting about the new job you are not getting? You will get it anyways, but the time you lost while hassling yourself with it, blaming your fate and being a grumpy old cat could have been easier, happier and relaxing.

What if all the doors seem to be closed? If we can’t open any one of it, wait for the door to get opened from the other side. Patience in waiting pays off every time. And it always opens for the best and at a perfect time.  Things always make sense in the end. Mind will only think of all the awful things behind the door; coz we love drama.

We are more than our reckless, incessant cacophonic mind. We are the light bearer of our soul. We are our own silver lining of the darkest cloud. It is natural to worry, think and fret in situations. Not saying that we can be immune to them; just that, we should stop living in the constant regret of yesterday and fear of tomorrow. We will never be able to open the present. Know that you have taken enough toll on your mental and physical state and hence now is the time to rise above the worries as they will eventually end tomorrow ‘coz when nothing is eternal (but soul), worries don’t stand a chance! Life finds its own ways which couldn’t be thought of. You need to find that immense reservoir of courage hidden inside you and break the shackles of fear of the unknown. There is nothing that we can’t survive from. NOTHING! So, why waste some precious moments in boiling brain cells up when they can be used if not in some task, then at least having a good, serene time for your soul-searching!

And if you think it is all an optimistic nonsense, let me tell you this, you have to get out of that room, and move on with life, no matter how much hell it is, ‘coz it won’t stop! Now you do that by looking at the beautiful sky or going in circles in the dark alley, choice is yours!

For dark alley walkers, a birdie will tell you how to look up at the sky!


  1. radha September 25, 2014 Reply

    Very nice!

    • Swati October 13, 2014 Reply

      Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  2. Divya Bhatnagar September 27, 2014 Reply

    So good…
    I love the last line ;)

    • Swati October 13, 2014 Reply

      Thank you so much. :)

  3. Veena Anish April 26, 2017 Reply

    Thank You So much
    Really helped me to come out of a torturing experience which is continuously haunting me for the last one year
    I have been sitting over it, thinking, thinking and planning, why? how? what can I do to prove I am OK
    Thank You my dear
    I Believe God has given me a message through you
    Love you

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