8 Methods of Anger Management to Help Control Our Temper


The Will to Control.

We all know what anger is; everyone has experienced it as a feeling of annoyance or a full-fledged rage. It can vary from mild irritation to intense rage. Anger management is all about controlling this anger, rather than ceasing it completely.

Anger by itself is a normal lower emotion that often everyone experiences, especially when the expectations are not met or a disappointment is caused; but when it changes to a sudden explosive rush of emotions which often leads to heated exchange of words and physical violence it becomes uncontrolled and unhealthy.

There are signs from which we know we need anger management, including:

  • Out-of-control behaviors like breaking glasses and throwing objects
  • Frequent arguments with our spouse, children, colleagues and friends
  • Feeling that we have to hold in our temper quite often
  • Threats of violence against people

It might not be possible to remove anger completely, but it is possible to learn how to control it.

When anger gets uncontrolled, it becomes a serious threat to one’s relationships, health, career and state of mind. By applying simple anger management techniques we can control anger and keep our temper from hijacking our life and affecting our loved-ones.

Anger management is therefore a process to help us learn and recognize the signs of anger and the actions that are helpful in calming us down in order to deal with the situation properly. It might not keep us from feeling angry and is not trying to encourage us to hold it in. Anger management is all about learning how to control anger and express it appropriately.

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Anger is a sudden rush of emotions and when it happens it is very difficult to control it. Some people get very powerful and violent when they get angry.

Therefore Anger management should be an ongoing process. It can start and go on as a continuous therapy until all the energies, emotions and thought forms of anger is out of our system. When this happens, incidents that used to make us angry and react will not seem so irritating anymore.

Pranic Psychotherapy uses high frequencies of energy to disintegrate and remove the thought forms of anger from our system and normalize the chakras that arouse negative lower emotions. Chakras of people who often get affected by anger are damaged and have holes and cracks that should be repaired and sealed.

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Provoking People
and Environments

If we know certain people or environments tend to make us angry or irritated, it is probably a good idea to avoid them as much as possible until the issue with anger is resolved.

If we have thought forms and elementals of anger, we are susceptible of getting angry if we meet people who have anger energy or environments that provoke anger. Like attracts like!

Anger management in this way also means avoiding situations that unnecessarily cause anger.

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Emotional Breaks

We should pay close attention and know our own limits. Often when people get tired physically and emotionally they become short-tempered.

So we should take regular emotional breaks through which our mind and emotions have time to release all the stress energy and pent up emotions and get revitalized.

No one can work continuously and remain healthy. The emotional breaks can vary from going on a vacation to just simply rest a whole evening and have a cup of tea with friends. The key is to give time to our mind and body to relax and refresh.

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Abdominal Breathing

Deep abdominal breathing has purifying effect on the Solar Plexus chakra and therefore can reduce the feeling of anger.

It further allows the body to absorb more Prana, Chi or energy and therefore increases our energy level and our ability to deal with lower negative emotions.

Whenever we feel we are getting signs of anger, we can pause for a while, detach from the surrounding and practice 5 to 7 cycles of deep abdominal breathing. It not only calms us down but also makes us feel more energized and refreshed.

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Listen to
Soothing Music

Music affects the emotional body. Just how a sudden loud voice can make us irritated, a soft soothing music can calm us down. Music therefore can be used as a powerful anger management technique.

Music can become a part of life. When stressful or depressed, listening to a soft uplifting piece of music can create a calming effect and bring us back on our feet.

Mantras can also be used to create a calming healing effect. Mantras are known as words of power that create certain effects on the body, mind and emotions based on the verses being chanted.

There are various Mantras available that can have a soothing healing effect such as OM, Amen and OM Mani Padme Hum. Listening to such Mantras or chanting them when we feel emotionally disturbed can help calm us down.

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a Bit of

Keeping a sense of humor gives us the ability to enjoy life and deal with its challenges more realistically.

If we take life so seriously, we will get irritated or angry with every up and down. Life is governed by the law of change. It is governed by the law of cycles. Sometimes we are up and sometimes down.

If we don’t have the ability to flow around obstacles and accept life when it doesn’t feel fair we cannot survive.

Humor enables us to laugh at our own mistakes and failures and learn from them. The key is to learn the lesson and move on, to be able to stand on our feet again after each fall.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so we should accept our own mistakes as well as the others’, learn from them and move on.

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Visualization techniques can be used for anger management both when we are about to get angry or on any ordinary occasion as a training method.

We can visualize the moments that have made us feel angry, then erase them and instead visualize that we are in a very calm state. In this case we are actually training our self to remain calm and under control when a similar situation happens in the real life.

Mind is only an instrument that can be trained by us to behave and act in certain ways. By visualizing that we are calm and focused in situations that often make us angry, we are basically training our mind to follow this pattern. In the long run it will learn to behave the way we want it to.

Visualization can also be used when we are in a situation that has provoked our anger. In this case we can visualize a relaxing experience. This can be either from our past memories or just simply an imagination.

We can use affirmations such as “relax,” “it’s ok,” “take it easy” or Mantras like “OM” as well to help calm down faster.

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Meditation on
Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple guided meditation, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui for peace and illumination.

Regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts not only cleanses the aura from negative thoughts and emotions, but also activates the human Heart and Crown chakras.

Heart chakra is known as the center for Higher Emotions such as peace, joy, harmony, happiness and compassion. It creates a pair of complementary opposites with the Solar Plexus chakra, known as the center for Lower Emotions. Therefore activation of the Heart chakra not only can regulate the Solar Plexus chakra and the lower emotions, but also can give us a sense of peace and happiness.

Regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts in this way can help us deal with anger and feel happier and more centered.

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