5 Ways to Control Karma

Control Karma

Because it is the smart thing to do!

This is the great lesson taught by science to the present generation. Religion has taught it for ages, but dogmatically rather than rationally. Science proves that knowledge is the condition of freedom, and that only as man knows can he compel. The scientific man observes sequences; over and over again he performs his testing experiments; he eliminates all that is casual, collateral, irrelevant, and slowly, surely, discovers what constitutes an invariable causative sequence. Once sure of his facts, he acts with indubitable assurance, and nature, without shadow of turning, rewards his rational certainty with success.”

Annie Besant

Law of Karma is similar to other laws of the universe and therefore like other laws can be harnessed, controlled and neutralized. It cannot be fully removed, but it can be neutralized! Based on the law of Gravity, everything is being pulled towards the earth, however man is still able to walk up the stairs, to fly and to move against gravity. Same principle, applies to the law of Karma. In fact the existence of the law, does not bind, but frees. In a lawless universe, there would be chaos; effort would be wasteful and reason would be useless. Knowledge of the laws in this case brings freedom to pursue the dream life and gives the ability to plan carefully and expect harvest.

“The Law of Karma is not fatalistic but is self-determining or self-directing. It simply means that you are responsible and accountable for your deeds, words and feelings/thoughts. You cannot blame other people, your parents, your environment or some unseen forces for the problems or troubles you are experiencing. If you get yourself into trouble, then you should get yourself out of it with or without outside help.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

To be able to control Karma, first we need to know how it works. Man, is normally living in three worlds of physical, emotional and mental using a body appropriate for each. He acts in each based on their laws and powers and therefore reaps fruits of his actions accordingly. During daily life in waking consciousness, man creates Karma by action, thought and desire, while during sleeping Karma created is only emotional and mental and is dependent on man’s stage of evolution. Laws in this case work within their own worlds, and must be studied independent from one another. Therefore man while acting in all these three levels of physical, emotional and mental, needs to remember that Law of Karma is inviolable and unchangeable, but controllable, and in each level works differently and independently. There are in fact methods of controlling Karma…


1. Learning the Lesson

First of all, one needs to study his life and see what areas he needs to improve and what situations he needs to change.

If we are facing a difficult situation, we need to know what are the causes that contribute to that negative incident and how we can change them.

As explained earlier, Karma means action. For every action, there is a cause leading to it.

Here it should be noted that the action, known as the Karma, is relevant to the force created it and each force works along its own particular line. If we have number of forces in this case, the resultant force will be the outcome of all of them. So when people say, “He is a good man, so why is he failing in business while a bad man succeeds?” we must understand that being good is not the proper cause or force for getting money. It is similar to saying that “I am a good man, why I can I not fly in the air?!” Goodness is not the cause for flying! For being prosperous, therefore, one needs to be generous and same works for all the other virtues. In fact Karmic results can only happen based on the nature of their causes. They are not arbitrary, like human rewards.

The result of act of giving money, is reaping prosperity; however in this simple act still thoughts and emotions should be taken into consideration equally. Giving with compassion, brings happiness along with prosperity, while giving with not a good intention or attitude, such as pride, humiliation or fame, results in prosperity, but not necessary happiness while having it.

Therefore all the causes leading to various actions should be studied carefully in order to gain knowledge and freedom to modify situations using the Law of Karma. This is called awareness!

Without awareness, change is impossible.

“Neutralize your Negative Karma and have a better life! To know and to utilize the Law of Karma is to control your future.” Master Choa Kok Sui

2. Changing the Causes

Law of Karma, similar to other laws, works through causes. When causes are present, events follow. By taking away or adding causes therefore, events can be modified.

Let’s take the example of a person who is getting drunk regularly. He may say, “My Karma is to get drunk!” In fact he gets drunk because of certain tendencies and desires within him that make him drink, the presence of improper friends, and an environment where drink is sold.

Now if he wants to change this attitude and give up drinking, he knows these three situations lead to drinking and therefore he needs to change them and create new situations. He may think that he is not strong enough to resist his own tendencies and desires, but he still can prevent being with improper friends and going to places where drink is sold. In this case he is changing the conditions and eliminating two of them, resulting in not getting drunk anymore. In this case, he is not interfering with karma, but relaying on its rules and powers to change a situation. It must be understood that, there is no karmic command to a man to get drunk, therefore changing this situation is not interfering with the Law of Karma! Drinking is only the result of certain negative tendencies and conditions in life that lead to it, by removing which the problem stops.

Another way of changing the conditions would be exerting strong will power that results in stopping drinking. In this case, he will give up drinking by adding a new force or condition, instead of elimination of the existing forces. This is similar to using muscle power to resist gravity.

3. Making Use of the Golden Rule & Generating More Good Karma

Taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, Karma can be controlled beforehand by applying the Golden Rule. Golden Rule in this way is a method of neutralizing the Negative Karma and generating more Positive Karma leading to a better life.

The Golden Rule basically has a yang and a yin aspect. The Yang Golden Rule states that: do to others what you want other to do unto you, while the Yin Golden Rule says: do not do to others what you do not want others to do unto you.

So if you want happiness in life, the key is to make other people happy, and if you do not want to be cheated, you need to treat others honestly and fairly.

The Golden Rule basically has been taught by many spiritual teachers universally from ancient days till now and is present in almost all the religions.

“As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Luke 6:31

Universality of this teaching basically shows its importance in life and can be considered as a roadmap to create a better future.

“The Golden Rule, when applied positively and negatively (yang and yin), will produce harmony and prosperity in your life and protect you from vicissitudes of life. When applied by most people and nations, it will bring about world peace.” Master Choa Kok Sui

4. Using The Law of Mercy

Following the Golden Rule, what you do to others, will be done to you. Therefore by showing mercy to others, mercy shall be shown to you!

“Blessed are the merciful for Mercy shall be shown to them.” Matthew 5:7

By practicing mercy to others and by avoiding injury and being cruel, your life becomes smoother and more peaceful.

Doing tithing and giving away donations to spiritual and charitable organizations is one of the applications of the Law of Mercy. Helping others and people in need is actually a way of showing mercy.

Forgiving people for their simple mistakes is also another way. If you are too exact with other people’s mistakes, universe also will be too exact with yours. Before treating others with anger and cruelty, even if justified, think twice! How you want others to treat you?! Forgive people for petty mistakes and show mercy on them! In fact “Divine Justice can be balanced by Divine Mercy.” Master Choa Kok Sui

5. Using The Law of Forgiveness

It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, “It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” Saint Francis of Assisi

If a person is incapable of forgiving others, how this person can expect to be forgiven by others and by God?! Following the Golden Rule, by forgiving others and letting go of their mistakes, one can be forgiven, leading to partially erasing of one’s negative Karma.

Therefore, if you want to be forgiven when you commit mistakes, forgive others. However note that, sometimes harsh decisions need to be made to save a greater number of people from the harm of a few! Inner forgiveness is for all, but outer forgiveness is in a case-to-case basis.

“The Law of Forgiveness and the Law of Mercy supersede the Law of Karma.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Therefore it is necessary to forgive others as well as yourself and forget the negative incident! Forgiving heals the soul! It is in fact therapeutic. Sometimes the hurt is too much that one needs to consciously forgive again and again until the complete healing happens. In this case you may even use techniques that enables you to forgive people and incidents completely and in a shorter time. You are highly encouraged to read the “Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul” book, written by Master Choa Kok Sui to know more about the faster and more effective techniques for forgiveness.

End Plus

“The law is unchangeable, but the play of phenomena is ever-changing. The mightiest cause of all causes is human will and human reason, and yet this is the cause, which is, for the most part, omitted when people talk of karma. We are causes, because we are the divine will, one with God in our essential being, although hampered by ignorance and working through gross matter, which impedes us until we conquer, by spiritualizing, it. The changelessness of karma is not the changelessness of effects but of law, and it is this which makes us free.”

Annie Besant


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