5 Things to Know about Our Physical Body

Physical Body

Beyond Just Matter

Our body is a fascinating device. Without us controlling its every small movement, it knows how to perform. Despite continuous metabolism, its shape remains the same and in spite of being so smaller than several labs and factories, it functions more efficiently.

But what makes the body so amazing?!

There are basically various forces and principles that affect the existence and functioning of our physical body. These forces are mainly not visible to naked eyes, but tangible and testable…

1. Being composed of two parts

First of all, the physical body is not, just the visible physical body that can bee seen, but it also includes the invisible physical body that is called by several names such as the energy body, the etheric body, the bioplasmic body or simply the aura.

This invisible physical body basically interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it up to 5 inches in an ordinary person and provides enough energy for it to function. It also controls the performance of the internal organs through its energy centers known as the chakras.

These two bodies are so interconnected that what affects one, affects the other. The ailments in this case are basically imbalances in the energy body, that manifest as problems in the physical body. When the energy of a part is insufficient or congested it creates problems in the proper functioning of that internal organ; this is what we call an ailment.

To improve health and well-being therefore the energy body and its centers should be kept balanced and healthy. This is the principle that is used in the sciences of energy-based therapies including Pranic Healing.

2. Molded over the energy body

The energy body also acts as a mold or pattern for the physical body. That is why despite years of continuous metabolism and change, the shape and form of the physical body remains the same.

The physical body is similar in shape to the energy body. In theosophy, the energy body is called the etheric double, which emphasizes on the similarity of form and structure between these two bodies.

Children who born with defective physical bodies in fact have defective energy bodies from birth.

3. Uses Prana to survive

What keeps the body alive and healthy is not just food, vitamins and minerals but the Prana in them.

Prana is a Sanskrit tern that in English is called the “life force” or “vitality globule.” In Chinese it is equal to Chi and in Japanese is known as Ki. It is basically the energy that gives life to the physical body.

While its three main sources are the sun, the air and the ground, plants, trees, food and vegetables contain different forms and colors of Prana.

The energy body basically absorbs and distributes this Prana to different parts of the physical body using energy channels known as meridians or nadis. Without this energy, the body will die!

4. Contains a complex network of nerve wiring

The body is basically a complex electronic equipment. Different smaller parts of the body correspond to the whole body, which is the principle behind sciences such as reflexology, iridology and Superbrain Yoga.

By creating the correct energy connection in this case, the expected result will be produced. If the wiring connection is wrong however, there will be no or in some cases adverse effects.

Dealing with creating proper connections, every move is important; the exact acupuncture points, hand mudras, postures, directions and breathing patterns play significant roles in producing the required effects.

5. Composed of 4 different states of matter

The visible physical body is composed of solid, liquid and gaseous while energy body is composed of plasma or ether, which is the forth state of matter; and is basically different from blood plasma. This is the reason why the energy body is also called the bioplasmic body or etheric double as it has life and is made up of plasma or ether.

Being composed of plasma, gives the energy body the ability to interpenetrate the physical body and extend beyond it; just how water can be inside and outside a sponge at the same time.

Matter exists in different conditions and can be transmuted into another state under varying pressures and temperatures. It means that hydrogen, oxygen and other substances, also may exist in etheric state or even higher states like astral and mental, which belong to astral and mental planes. The physical atoms, under certain conditions, can be broken up several times; and at the back of all physical substances is etheric substance, which is basically ionized gas with positively and negatively charged particles.

The development of the etheric body and its faculties is actually the reason behind the “power” in moving the objects without using the visible physical body and creating sounds, etc. which are beyond the comprehension of most people.


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