5 Things Successful People Do to Get the Life They Want


“Kriyashakti is the Science of Materialization through mind, power and purification”

Master Choa Kok Sui

A secure future won’t automatically build itself. You have to work hard for it. Thanks to MCKS (Master Choa Kok Sui), we have access to a variety of teachings and powerful technologies, including Kriyashakti. The proper application of the methods virtually guarantees us solid results.

Then why don’t we still have the kind of life we want? Why are we still making compromises and missing out on the things we’ve wished for? Why do certain kriyashaktis refuse to manifest in spite of all the time, energy and effort we invest?

Complaining is easy. Giving up is easy. Think about how many times you’ve heard people say, “Oh, this is just my fate. I’m not lucky enough.”

That’s just wrong! Here are 5 things that good Kriyashakti practitioners get right.



Specifically, they know what they want; by when they want it; and why they need it. Many of us ask God for large sums of money. It may be for paying bills, medical expenses, going on holiday or just having a good time. Whatever our motivations are, we need to be very clear why we need precisely that sum of money.

Think of God as a loving parent.

You go to your mom and ask her for money.

“How much do you need”, she asks.
“I don’t know. Around $50,000 to $500,000.”
“Be specific, child. What amount do you need?”
“Okay. Ummm… How about $100,000?”
“Sure. By when do you need it?”
“I guess having it by 31st December 2016 would be good”
“That can be arranged. What do you need it for?”
“I dunno. Bills and stuff. I wanna go on a vacation and buy a nice car also. The current one is just too slow and guzzles fuel.”
“Alright, child.”

This is how most of our conversations with God happen. It’s filled with requests. We end up second guessing ourselves thinking that we might be asking for too much. How many of us feel guilty about asking for large amounts? Remember, this is God. The *universal* loving parent. Don’t our parents want to give us the best of what we need in our lives?

Good Kriyashakti practitioners have no doubts in their mind when they ask. They very clearly state WHAT they need, by WHEN they need it, and WHY they need it.
“I need $500,000 by 31st December 2016. I need this in order to tithe $X, budget Y, invest $Z, account for expenses $ABC.”
Do you notice they have a very clear sense of purpose about why they need that money?

It is easier to manifest what you need when you’re clear in your mind *why* you need it. Imagine your children asking you for an expensive gift. You’re entitled to ask them why they want it. If they want it as a fad or passing phase, chances are that you won’t give it to them. But if they give solid reasons as to why they really need this thing, you will make an effort to procure it for them. Do your children bother themselves with how you are giving it? No they don’t.

That’s exactly how the Universe operates as well. Don’t concern yourself with the How. Focus on the What, When and Why.

Successful People 02


Contradictions stem from self doubt. Have you noticed people who’re unsure about themselves? Would you trust them with your time, money or advice? When people are doubtful, they don’t know what they will do with their gifts.

Let’s take the example of the $500,000 above. Notice how the person initially said $50,000 to $500,000 and then settled for $100,000. When asked what he’s going to do with it, he was vague – bills and stuff and maybe a vacation and a new car. Being vague results in exponential vagueness.

Contradictions start when you feel guilty about asking for a lot. If you want an amount, ask for that exact amount. If you want money to be able to tithe more regularly, that’s fine. If you want money to meet expenses, that’s equally fine. Where most people tend to slip is that they feel unsure what they’re going to use the money for.

Remember, the Universe is a parent. It’s watching what we’re doing with our gifts. If we say we want the money for charitable work, but invest it instead in business or buying something, then we’ve not been true to our word! So the Universe does what any loving parent would do – it takes away the gift until we can prove that we’re ready to use the gift properly. MCKS said that what we waste will be taken away from us. This is simply the Universal Loving-Kindness and Compassion manifesting in order to protect us from ourselves.

Until we are sure about what we want and why we want it, and then use it for exactly that purpose, we will not receive it.

You might have met people who have huge targets. They reach within 50-60% of their targets, then things become stagnant. Usually it’s because they haven’t stuck to their purpose. Their actions have contradicted their words. By being disciplined and using our gifts properly, we become more receptive and conductive to the miracles that are waiting to manifest. Of course, there are many other factors as well, but this is one of the main causes.

After sticking to our purpose for a while, we send a signal to the Universe that we’re ready for bigger responsibilities and gifts. That’s when we start manifesting our targets more quickly and easily.

Successful People 03


Look at some of the most successful people in your life. What do they have in common? We’re not talking about cars or houses or bank balance here. What attitudes do they have in common?

Chances are you’ll find that they are humble and grateful.

They spend time every day being thankful to God for all the good things in their life, starting from their health and fitness, to the health of their loved ones and family members, to being grateful for delicious food, and so on. There’s no upper limit to what we can be grateful about.

Let’s try an experiment. Imagine that you are the Mayor of a small town. Every day you get hundreds of people complaining and demanding things from you. It starts right in the morning and goes on till late at night. Imagine receiving letters and phone calls of “I want this, I need that, you better fix this, and you have to supply that”. It’s crazy, right!

Now imagine that there’s one person who comes to you and says, “Thank you for the awesome work you’ve done for this town. I’m really grateful.” How does that make you feel? Don’t you feel good about being appreciated? Wouldn’t you want to find out who this nice person is and try to do more good for him? It’s basic human nature.

The Universe operates similarly. When we express gratitude for what we already have, we receive more of the Universe’s attention and blessings.  By being grateful, we become more receptive and conductive. This increases the energy that flows to us. The more energy we have, the more we manifest goodness in our life.

Written kriyashaktis that begin with gratitude manifest faster. It’s no coincidence that MCKS ended his invocations with gratitude first, then respect and love.

Successful People 04


Service and tithing. Visualization and repetition. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

This is one of the simplest parts of the entire process. By doing service every week and tithing every month, you build up your karmic entitlement. “It is in giving that we receive”. By giving first, you become eligible for receiving. MCKS mentions that giving money away is a science. This is tied deeply to the Laws of Karma.

By giving money, we receive money. By giving love, we receive more love.

So if you want to tithe for health, donate to hospitals or charities taking care of the health of critical patients. It’s better that your money reaches out to larger numbers of people rather than just one or two persons. However, this is on a case-to-case basis and you should exercise discernment on whom to help. If you want to tithe for relationships, donate to organizations taking care of the health of mentally challenged individuals. These are simply suggestions.

Visualization is the key technique. Imagine that you have that $500,000. Feel the cash in your hand. Imagine your bank balance showing this amount. How will your life change now that you have this money? Imagine all the consequences of having this money. Imagine your friends’ reactions. Imagine the lifestyle changes. Imagine the smiles on your family’s faces. Imagine the peace of mind. Imagine all the possible positive and negative consequences (Yes, having a lot of money also has negative consequences. Having to pay more tax is one of them.)

When you become comfortable with imagining this new reality, you are sending out a powerful message to the universe. You’re telling your divine parents that you’re ready for this. You’ve already expressed clarity and gratitude. Now you’re bringing your emotions to work by actively *feeling* the emotions associated with wealth. Once your heart chakra is sufficiently active, the energy for manifestation enters your aura much faster.

This is why during Twin Hearts Meditation, MCKS asks us to think of a happy event, then re-experience it. By re-experiencing it, our emotions get involved and heart gets activated. This causes faster manifestation. It’s also why MCKS says that the secret lies in our heart. What a wonderful teacher, who incorporated all these spiritual technologies into a simple 21 minute meditation to literally manifest divine energies into our lives!

Repeating the visualization is very important. Just like you go to the gym and lift weights everyday to grow muscles, you need to exercise your mental and emotional muscles. The more you repeat the same visualization, the more power you give it. The faster your imagined reality manifests. Couple that with intelligent hard work and you will start seeing small synchronicities. Then they’ll grow into opportunities. Work harder and your vision will acquire a physical manifestation.

Successful People 05


This is one of more challenging parts of the process. Our minds aren’t programmed to let go. Losing is not in our genes. It’s easier to visualize gaining things.

By the way, this is one reason why Kriyashaktis for “losing weight” don’t always work. Your mind doesn’t want to lose or let go of excess weight. “Becoming lean” and “becoming stronger and more flexible” work better.

Letting go means multiple things. One, it means to cut the energy cord that connects you to your kriyashakti so that it can go and do its job. The second thing is to stop thinking about it constantly. Have you cooked? You mix the ingredients in perfect proportion; follow all the instructions and then you let it simmer for a while. You let it rest for a few minutes. No stirring, no poking, no actions – just let it cook on its own. If you keep stirring and taking the lid off to see how it’s doing, it’s not going to be a good dish. Manifesting your targets is like that.

You have done the necessary work, created the correct mindset, done the visualizations and all the work and now you need to let it rest. Imagine if you keep pulling up a sapling from the soil to see if its roots are growing. The plant will never grow if you keep doing that! You need to let it rest.

Try visualizing and blessing at the end of every meditation session. When you’ve finished blessing the earth, hold your vision in your mind. Experience every aspect of that vision – the physical sensation, the emotional bliss, the mental satisfaction. Experience every detail. Hold this vision for 5 minutes. Then let it go to your Divine Parents, confident that it’ll come true when the time is right for you. Practising this every day will help you grow in confidence as well as detachment.

As MCKS says, it doesn’t matter where you are now.
You must have a target. What matters is where you need to be.


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