5 More Things Successful People Do to Build their Lives


Anybody can do it.

There are days when we wake up on the right side of the bed and the world looks beautiful. The workday goes well, people behave politely, and even traffic is smooth. These are the days in which we feel we can accomplish anything. We have also had days where we feel like we’re spot jogging. No matter how much we try nothing seems to change.

That’s when we start feeling that if something hasn’t happened, it might never happen at all.

There are some easy methods to rectify that. All it requires is constancy of effort. Anybody can do it.

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Most of us rely on maps when driving. It tells us how close we are to our destination, how much traffic is on the way and alternate routes. If we get lost, simply opening the app and typing in the destination will show us where we need to go. This is one of the things MCKS means when he says that it doesn’t matter where you are; what matters is where you want to be.

If we didn’t know where we were going, the map wouldn’t be of much help. A clear goal is, therefore, very important. Suppose you want to have a meaningful relationship. Most people have a preconceived idea of how their ideal partner is supposed to be in terms of looks, attitudes, qualifications and net worth. While these are definitely necessary, it’s important to choose a partner who complements you. This means someone whose qualities improve and enhance your own nature. This is different from a partner who compliments and praises you – although that’s a pretty good quality to have in a partner.

In terms of relationships, the big picture will tell you where you want your relationship to be in 1 year or 10 years. If the relationship is superficial, then it’s unlikely to last long. It will last if it’s rooted in something more meaningful. Setting the ultimate destination is up to you.

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After we have determined our destination, we need to navigate through traffic. We need to look ahead, be aware of what’s around us, adjust our speed and occasionally look into the rearview mirror. All of this is attention to detail. Driving ahead while looking only at the rearview mirror is going to be risky. Many people go through life looking at things that happened in the past. How well do you think that is going to end? So we need to be aware of details ahead of us such as speed bumps, potholes, other vehicles, etc.

Attention to detail can become oddly specific. For example, many people wish to become millionaires. It sounds daunting in daily life, but it is very easy when you go to a country with hyperinflation. In such a place, a cup of coffee can cost as much as 250,000 in the local currency (equivalent to a couple of US dollars only). The beauty of techniques like Kriyashakti or the Law of Attraction is that it will deliver to us exactly what we ask for, but unless we have specified every last detail the results will not be to our expectation. Is it really useful being a billionaire in an economy where lunch costs a million bucks? We have to be super specific.

Practising Twin Hearts Meditation and Arhatic Dhyan is a fast method of clearing up our mind. We can easily spot details that would otherwise derail us.

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 “Materializing requires energy. Positive words put you into positive state. Start with positive words! Positive words have power!”

Master Choa Kok Sui

A lot of energy is wasted in ‘what-ifs’. What if he thinks I’m fat? What if she doesn’t like my work? What if people find out my relationship is no longer working? What if I’m getting into a relationship that society might disapprove of? These are a waste of time if they are repetitive.

The mind is like a monkey – it jumps from one thought to another. Once it finds a fruit, it stops jumping and quietly eats. The various ‘what ifs’ are these branches of thought. A concrete answer is the fruit. Successful people identify the worst case scenario, find out what the possible results can be and plan accordingly. For example, if a couple is having trouble, what’s the worst that can happen? The initial tendency is to want to keep up appearances in public – “What will people think?” But people are sensitive and can probably see through it. They will gossip amongst themselves while trying to pretend around the couple as if everything is normal. This is another waste of energy! If the worst case scenario is that there will be loss of face and others will judge them, how long will that phase last? Maybe a few weeks or months. What happens after that? The couple concerned will go their respective ways after sorting out their differences. They could either reconcile or they could split. Either way, they will lead fulfilling lives on their own terms. The people will carry on and find other topics of interest. Identifying the worst case scenario once and for all will reduce unnecessary anxiety about the future.

While this is a simplified example, it serves to highlight the fact that we are psychologically beating ourselves up over many things. Once we identify the worst outcome that can happen, we can work backwards to figure out our course of action and act accordingly. Ultimately it is our own lives and we are responsible for ourselves.

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“Your plans must be kept secret! Do not divulge too much, people will obstruct your plan. Sometimes, silence is needed to achieve your target.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

An ill-timed, tactless remark can cause a lot of damage. There is a saying which goes, “the mute have no enemies.” This means that maintaining inner stillness is very important if we want external peace. Everyone knows three kinds of people in their life – genuine well-wishers, neutral people and malevolent haters. If someone makes a plan and announces it to the world, chances are that goal might not materialize as planned. Obviously the negativity and apathy has an effect. Pranic Healers know this to be negative cords or psychic attacks which affect the energy of the target. However, what most people don’t account for is the well meaning concern of the well-wishers. In this case, it is important to maintain silence to create a positive result.

Think of the number of shows and movies that make fun of concerned parents calling their grown up children at all hours of the day to check up on them. The children get annoyed or frustrated. Sometimes they respond angrily and that hurts their parent. It would be far more harmonious to simply keep quiet. In this case, the silence is to avoid a negative result. There are, therefore, two kinds of silences –one to create a positive result and another to avoid a negative result. Which one is to be used depends entirely on the time and circumstances.

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“Do not look at the words, look at the essence behind the words.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

When we spend energy in manifesting our dreams, there are usually two kinds of thoughts that run in our mind. One is that we fervently desire the goal. The second is that we doubt ourselves. Suppose we spend 10 hours a day planning our dream project, and then spend 9 hours fantasizing about everything that can go wrong. We are spending a total of 19 hours of mental effort but the end result is only one hour of productive output. The two thoughts are polar opposites. Polarity is defined the state of having two opposite aspects. For example, light and dark, night and day, high tide and low tide, etc.

Identifying the polarity of our goal will help it materialize faster. The way to do this is by understanding whether our goal is centered in giving or receiving. For example, suppose someone desires to earn $100,000 per month. If theirs is a receiving polarity, then it will be centered around personal benefits, such as a good quality of life, living comfortably, not worrying about the future, being able to go on vacations to exotic places, etc.  If it is a giving polarity, then the focus will be on tithing, supporting others, benefiting humanity, etc. The end result remains the same – the person earns $100,000 per month but the polarity causes a change in perspective. So instead of spending 10 hours working and 9 hours fretting, the person will have full 19 hours of useful productivity. Determining the polarity is essential for getting rapid results.

It’s important to note that one polarity is not better than the other. It’ll be like saying that inhaling (receiving) is better than exhaling (giving). That would be ridiculous. Both are necessary depending on the circumstances. However, having different polarities for the same target is useless. Let’s take the same example of earning $100,000. Many of us want to receive that money for personal use and also give a portion of that to serve others. It’s important to be clear in our minds about which portion to use for ourselves and which portion for donations. It’s safer to wish to get $50,000 for personal use and receive $50,000 for good will work.

In case of attracting the right relationships, it could be a receiving polarity. “I choose to attract the right partner for having love, happiness, progress, peace, harmony, prosperity and spirituality in my life.”

 It could also be a giving polarity. “I choose to attract the right partner who will complement me so that I can serve humanity.” It’s a matter of having the focus on the big picture and simultaneously paying attention to the details.

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  1. yashaswini dayama October 26, 2016 Reply

    This is exactly what we 20 something year olds need to hear and learn right now. So much love to you! :)

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    A very Insightful Article. I loved the polarity part.

  3. Priya November 2, 2016 Reply

    All articles are very precise and To the point..with an embedded keynote in it.. very interesting..Personaly I believe that I always have a Take Home msg for me..Thankyou to the Guru and all the mentors behind this task..

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    Hi Arkadeb…this is a great article! Kudos and thank you ! Our guru’s teachings are really valuable… :) Namaste!

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