5 Steps to Bring the Spirit of Prosperity to Your Home!


Money, Concretized Prosperity Energy

Getting rich and successful, is not all about hard work and non-stop efforts; perhaps you have come across people who actually work very hard but are not as rich as they should be! It is not always about working long hours that bring you wealth. You must know the science behind the process of attracting money.

Everything in the universe is energy and follows its very fundamental laws and principles. In this case prosperity is also a form of energy; and to be prosperous we needs to attract the energy of wealth. In order to do so there are certain steps that can ensure our prosperity and success if followed properly…


Remove all the poverty consciousness and thought patterns

Poverty is basically a disease. It happens when one’s energy body and chakras are filled with negative thoughts and emotions about money. It can also happen when one thinks he does not deserve to or can never be rich. It sometimes appears as constantly having the fear of poverty or negatively thinking about one’s ability to attract money.

To attract prosperity, first step is to remove all the thoughts, emotions and energies of poverty in our system. Once the cleansing is done properly, money starts to come in.

Some of the typical attitudes of poverty can be summarized as followed:

– thinking that money is not good and is the source of all evil!

Money is actually concretized energy, it can both be used for the sake of the good or bad; it is neutral. If money is in the hands of good and virtuous  people it can benefit many. So this is one of the thought patterns that needs to be corrected.

– believing that money cannot bring happiness!

It is true that by excessively thinking about money and forgetting the other parts of life, like family and friends, happiness will not be achieved, but it is not correct to say that money can’t bring happiness. In fact money, if used wisely and correctly, will bring peace and happiness.

– thinking that one does not deserve to be prosperous!

Everyone deserve prosperity. Everyone deserve a good life. This is one of the self-sabotaging thought patterns that needs to be removed from one’s system. We are all children of God, the most high, so we all deserve abundance, prosperity and success.

– fear of loosing money!

Fear of poverty is basically one of the negative attitudes regarding money. The correct attitude is that money flows to our life like a river; falls on us like a waterfall.

– inability to ask for the right amount of money in terms of salary or business!

This is also one of the typical poverty attitudes. If you are filled with prosperity energy, you will not feel ashamed or shy to ask for your money.

The above stated thought patterns and many attitudes of the kind are not healthy in terms of attracting prosperity. There are basically many techniques available to remove such energies from our system including Pranic Healing. Once the energy body and chakras are clean enough, attracting prosperity is a piece of cake.


Create the attitude of prosperity

The power of thought and the Law of Attraction work here. However, before you start creating and visualizing your dream life, you must have done the previous step first. The reason is that, to create a strong prosperity thought form and to make a powerful visualization you need to have determination. If there are a lot of poverty energies, thought patterns and self-defeating attitude, your visualization will not work, because it gets constantly weakened by your own thinking.

Once you’ve done the cleansing properly, you can use the Law of Attraction to attract prosperity. There are many methods of doing this, including visualization technique. When doing the visualization technique, it is best to visualize the object or situation you wish to achieve with minute details, colors and feelings. The more lively you visualize it, the possibility of materialization is more.

Another technique is using the picture of what you want to achieve and constantly looking at it.

There are in fact many techniques to create a powerful thought forms, which will be taught in many workshops and courses dealing with prosperity and success. One of the very powerful workshops in this subject is the Kriyashakti workshop developed by Master Choa Kok Sui that its content still stands among the most powerful and easy to practice techniques.


Generate good karma

Although you might have done the first 2 discussed steps, prosperity will not come to your door if you neglect the principle of Entitlement or what is commonly known as the Law of Karma.

You are all familiar with the saying that, “It is in giving that we receive.” To attract prosperity then, we must give money, to charitable organizations and people in need.

Giving money is a science!.

It is advisable to give away 10% of our income monthly. This not only neutralizes some of our negative karma to ensure a happy and comfortable life, but also brings prosperity and abundance.

If you study the lives of the super rich, you will see that they know the science of giving. Normally you will find them doing a lot of charity work like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Oprah.


Follow the virtue of generosity and non-stealing

While we are creating the positive karma of prosperity by following step number 3, we must also avoid creating negative karma of poverty by  abstaining from stealing of any kind.

Stealing can be done physically in terms of money or objects, emotionally, mentally and even sexually, all of which need to be avoided.

If you find yourself having the tendencies to steal, you can simply remove them from your system using Pranic Psychotherapy techniques. The effect is amazing and in fact is noticeable within first few sessions itself.


Open the heart

You might think what the connection of the heart chakra with attracting prosperity would be?!

Looking at the Lord’s Prayer, the verse connected with the heart chakra is “thy kingdom come,” which in fact encodes a connection between the heart and the prosperity. This connection basically deals with the virtue of generosity.

The more generous you are, the more you will give and share with other people. The more you give and share, the more you will create positive karma of prosperity. Having prosperity karma, leads to getting wealthy.

Therefore by simply opening your heart through giving, sharing or the Meditation of Twin Hearts, you will be destined to be prosperous, even if you do not have an extraordinary talent or resources.

Whatever technique you may apply, you must never forget the importance of Intelligent Hard Work. It is not the hours that count, it is how effectively you use those hours and your energy. Intelligence ensures that the prosperity you attract will not be wasted.

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    I really appreciate your teachings on prosperity, you confirmed the affirmation in my heart that to be prosperous in life is to be generous in life. There is no such thing like something for nothing. Thanks for your advice.

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      Pleasure Austine, credit goes to Master Choa. This affirmation has indeed changed many lives… Very nice to have you here :)

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