11 Chakras of Man – the Navel Chakra


Butterflies in The Stomach

Many of us get a gut feel about a person or a situation. It’s like a reflex action and happens almost involuntarily without our having to exercise any conscious will. It is only much later that we use our rational mind to analyse and validate our gut feel. In this article we will introduce you to the Chakra located to our belly responsible for this gut feel – The Navel Chakra.

The Navel Chakra is located on the Navel or belly button area. It has eight petals and contains yellow, red, green, blue and violet pranas. It also contains a little bit of orange prana. In Sanskrit it is known as the Nabhi Chakra and in Kabbalah as Tiphareth, or Beauty. It produces a special form of energy called the biosynthetic chi which looks like a golden sun surrounded by rainbow-colored light.

Physiologically the Navel Chakra controls and energizes the small and large intestines, also the appendix. It affects the speed of giving birth and general vitality. Along with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Navel Chakra controls the digestive, assimilative and eliminative systems. Therefore, it has a direct effect on the healthiness of the skin.

The malfunctioning of this Chakra may manifest as:

  • Constipation
  • Loose bowel movement
  • Inability to assimilate food nutrients
  • Appendicitis
  • Intestinal ailments
  • Difficulty in giving birth
  • Low vitality
  • Diseases related to intestines

This energy centre helps in digestion and proper assimilation of food. Your physical body cannot survive without food. This is why the Navel Chakra is associated with the statement “You shall not kill”. The Navel Chakra also affects the speed of giving birth and general vitality. Thus improper functioning may manifest as weakness and difficulty in giving birth (for pregnant females only). A strong Navel Chakra gives you dynamism and over-all high energy. The Navel Chakra also stimulates the Basic Chakra in a certain manner giving the person ability to get things done. That’s why the Navel Chakra is the centre of good action. The Navel Chakra is also closely associated with the Spleen Chakra. By energizing the Navel Chakra the Spleen Chakra is also energized and partially activated. This condition increases the Pranic energy level of the entire body. Thus by energizing the Navel Chakra the entire aura can be energized very quickly.

Psychologically, the Navel Chakra is the center of the instinct for knowing. For example, a martial arts practitioner instinctively knows what to do when confronted by an opponent. This centre is closely associated with feelings and emotions of various kinds. The corresponding astral centre, when awakened, gives the power of feeling and increased sensitivity to all sorts of influences. However, this sensitivity isn’t anything like the faculties of seeing or hearing. When the etheric centre becomes active, the shift begins in the physical body to become conscious of astral influences. It starts with vague feelings of friendliness and hostility, or that some places are pleasant and others unpleasant, but without really having a clue as to why these feelings are happening. The answer is that the Navel Chakra’s psychological functions are becoming active.

Good thoughts and good words are not enough. They must eventually be transformed to good action. This corresponds to the phrase of Lord’s Prayer which says, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  The various chakras have correspondences as follows:

Ajna Chakra                        ”            Good Thoughts

Throat Chakra                    ”            Good words

Heart Chakra                      ”            Good Heart

Solar Plexus Chakra          ”            Good Will

Navel Chakra                      ”            Good Action


Spiritually, each of the energy centres is actually intersecting points of multiple meridians. Among all the energy centres, the Navel Chakra has the highest number of meridians intersecting. There are three very flexible meridians present just below the Navel Chakra known as “ki hai”. They can store massive amounts of excess biosynthetic energy. The Navel Chakra is closely associated with the Spleen Chakra. By energizing the Navel Chakra the Spleen Chakra is also energized and partially activated. This condition increases the Pranic energy level of the entire body. Thus by energizing the Navel Chakra the entire aura can be energized very quickly.

The Navel Chakra along with secondary Navel Chakras are responsible for creating and storing biosynthetic chi. This biosynthetic chi (golden in colour) facilitates circulation of prana within the meridians and enables the body to absorb energy from the environment and sustain itself.  During bad weather there is less prana in the environment and people with lower quantities of biosynthetic chi are unable to absorb much from the already depleted environment, resulting in them getting tired very quickly.

This Golden Chi is necessary for the rapid evolution of the physical body. The physical body must be upgraded to work with higher frequencies of emotional, mental and spiritual energies. This is just like old computer hardware which will be not compatible to work with new advanced software. Your first generation iPhone will protest vehemently trying to run iOS 10.3.3, won’t it? (At the time of writing this article, that was the latest iOS!) Similarly, the physical body will not be a suitable vehicle for a highly evolved soul.  The biosynthetic chi is used extensively by the body to heal and upgrade itself.

Since it’s responsible for the maintenance of the body, the Navel Chakra is also associated with beauty.

By meditating on Navel Chakra and the phrase of the Lord’s Prayer “On Earth As It Is In Heaven,” this chakra gets highly activated and more golden chi is produced.

Lord Ganesha is shown with a big belly which symbolically represents that a lot of biosynthetic chi is stored in his Navel area. This is associated with very high spiritual development. That’s why many spiritual teachers have a big belly also known as a “guru-belly”.


<<< With special thanks to Neha Rohra for her contribution to this article. >>>


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