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Priceless Teachings

Discover the source of
happiness within Pranic
Healing & Arhatic Yoga!

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Blissful Lifestyle

Live and experience a
unique lifestyle touched
by a divine presence!

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Remarkable Science

Understand the deeper
scientific reasons behind
practiced teachings!

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Divine Effort

Participate in a world-wide
mission to help manifest
the Divine Plan!

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Spiritualize Your Life at Every Corner!

Through Prana World Projects, we have tried to bring the knowledge of Prana, Spirituality and Pranic Healing, introduced and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, into every single part of our life, to enrich, empower and make it a brilliant success.


PranaKids Home

Begin the search within with your little ones, and experience the magnificence of giving the gift of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga to your loved ones!

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This year renew your home! We’re here to make it happen! With simple steps and practical guides, bring the spirit of joy and happiness to your life!

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Thinking of preparing a magnificent meal? Take your cooking knowledge to the next level with the knowledge of prana and food energy!

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Life is fabulous! It’s amazing! Life is tremendously awesome! and there is no reason why you should not make the best out of your every moment!

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Home Purification Services

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Pranic Healing

Live energy healing sessions by a professional Pranic Healer. CLICK TO BOOK YOUR SESSION >


Prana Life Crystals

Choose from our fabulous variety of crystals and gemstones for different intentions. CLICK TO SELECT >


Prana Life Essentials

Rejuvenate & refresh with Prana Life Essentials. CLICK TO SHOP >



Enrich your home with Spirituality & Abundance. CLICK TO SHOP >

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